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How can I make Music Videos?
Well there are a large amount of ways to make a Music Video. I like to use Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker can be found in Windows Me or higher.
Can you put my Music Video on your site?
Sure if you really want I will take a look. If Its good and something the site has not seen yet than I will Gladly upload.
If anything is Offered to me please Give me your Name Or anything you wish to receive credit by. I won't put it online unless you give me permission to use it without your well deserve credit.
How can I get a Link on your Web-Site?
If you want me to link your Web-Site on mine than just simply send me your Web-Sites URL Through E-mail and I will see if it qualifies.
Your Web-Site does not have to be on Dragonball to be Link.

Can I put your site as a link on mine?

Will you respond to the Message Board or will others fans respond?
Well I will respond as well as the fans However everyone has a different name therefor you can tell who responds.