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Super Saiyan Levels

A Super Saiyan is said to be born once in a 1,000 years.  In this area of information you will find every level of a Super Saiyan and a description on there effects as well as there disadvantages!

Super Saiyan 1
Super Saiyan the first form is achieved when a Saiyan reaches a rage so powerful that it will transform you into a Super Saiyan. Your power will increased so much it would be as if you were a different man. However a Super Saiyan left your heart full of hate. You were now evil hearted and could not perform Pure Hearted moves such as the Spirit Bomb. Goku first achieved this during his fight with Freeza. Freeza killed Krillin and Goku's rage transformed him into a Super Saiyan.
Appearance - Golden Hair(Eyebrowns and Hair) and Green Eyes.

Super Saiyan Level 2
The second level of a Super Saiyan its similar to the first however you become even more powerful. The first and second form transforms you back to normal when energy is low. Gohan reached this first during the Cell Saga though the rage he gained by the beatings taking of his loved ones.

Appearance - Golden Hair (Eyebrow's and Hair), Green Eyes, Hair becomes more Spiked.
Super Saiyan  Form 3
This is the third level of a Super Saiyan. This is my favorite form as well. Goku showed this form first against Buu. This form also increases your power farther than a level 2 Saiyan. However you are only allowed to stay in this form for a short amount of time. This form takes a great amount of energy from your body.
Appearance - Golden Hair, Long Hair( Down to Thigh), No Eyebrows.

Super Saiyan 4
The Super Saiyan 4. This is suppose to be the strongest form but I think it is the third level. However this form was first achieved by goku against Bebi Vegeta.  Goku was on a different planet laying on the ground dieing when he was looking at Earth.  He then grew into a big Ape however this ape had Golden Hair everywhere. Goku's rage was so bad he would not listen to Pan (His Grandaughter).  Pan showed him a picture of Pan and Goku then he calmed down becoming a Super Saiyan 4.
Appearance- Black Hair, Chest Sticks out, Really built, Tail Grows Back, Black hair covers Sholders.