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Welcome to the Ultimate Dragonball Z site!

I Just Added New Dragonball Themes go to Multimedia.
New Music Video added also Software is up and running!
Great News the new Splash has been confirmed. Someone is making it for me and also might take a while his computer been having problems however he does great work.
Note - The Brolly splash is not the new one! I just got tired of the old and created a new one.

New!!! Levels of Super Saiyan have been completed.
Click Here to enter!!!

New Splash will be uploaded into Home Page. I might also get a new banner. Dates are unsure I am having someone make me one.

I will try my hardest to make sure that you the fans get everything that you ask for. I take great pride in my site. Tell everyone about this site. Also if you really like this site please vote. Your one vote really does count. Click bottom image to vote.